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Supporting you during the lockdown

Audio Note provided DOH with State of the art Video Conference Rooms capable of uniting leaders with the rest of Africa.
DOH’s main boardroom equipped with advanced tech fighting with the rest of the world against COVID-19.

Conferencing in the Department of Health concludes a method of upstreaming fairness, effectiveness, and an appropriate method for reducing COVID-19 cases. Communication and planning allow for organized and informed parties to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the virus. All leaders now equipped with the right tools, ideal technology, will be able to take control of new methods. Using these tactics is an important part of the ever-changing world currently enslaved by the virus. It brings hope to the hearts of South Africans and gives power to our leaders. South Africa unites once again to flatten the curve and work with technology.

Powerful and fully functional Zoom conference rooms with VoIP and Skype
works with a backbone sharing infrastructure to allow for easy communication between the SA and world leaders. Each TV and projection technology will allow for DOH members to draw strategic plans on 85-inch touch screens and display invaluable resources individually on switching displays.

With AudioNote, the leading service in AV installations. Agera is proud to announce these workings and see fit to mention the contribution AudioNote and their staff have carried out for the council and leaders of the nation. While working under personal risk, you have brought warmth in the hearts of many and brought hope to the nation. We thank you for staying enthusiastic and considering health and safety regulations while delivering these services.

In these venues, virtually any laptop on the table can utilize state of the art recording equipment with no setup procedures. Audibility insured by Noise Reduction (NR) and Echo Canceling (EC) technology working in unison with Extron, Gefen, Yeahlink, and Sennheiser equipment, paired with multiple intel computers. This solution runs as smooth as possible all day, every day. Aver cameras allow for up to 4K video streaming while processors paired with the system gives full automation control, sharing, recording and playback functionality with a push of a button.

DOH boardroom equipped with:

  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Displays
  • Computers
  • Cameras and,
  • Automation technology
AudioNote thank DOH for the opportunity to make a difference in our nation. As for our staff, we thank you for taking precautions and safety procedures to equip our near future clients with some safety assurance. We are professionals in our field, and we care about the health of our clients.