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Sound Masking

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Sound Masking (White Noise) systems are supplementary privacy systems using hidden loudspeakers to create a random noise to mask the indirect transmission of speech in open-plan office spaces.

Sound masking system need to work in conjunction with other means of providing isolation through acoustic absorption and partition blocking. The implementation of green standards in modern spaces has placed a bigger demand on speech privacy as ambient office levels become more and more quieter. These lower ambient levels require that the sound masking system evolve from the older “Dumb” masking system into a more sophisticated “Smart” system.


These smart features would include:

  • Ambient microphone sensing to measure the office ambient noise levels and automatically adjust the masking noise level accordingly.
    This provides maximum masking efficiency without the masking noise itself from becoming a distraction by being too loud when office ambient levels are low.
  • Scheduling of events to lower or mute the noise when the offices are unoccupied, reducing energy costs.
  • Fault detection and the ability to switch in a standby amplifier should a power amplifier go faulty in the system, thereby maintaining optimal system operation. The faulty amplifier can then be removed for repair with no impact on system performance.