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Sony Music

Client Background

Sony Music Entertainment played a pioneering role in music history, from the first-ever music label to the invention of the flat disc record.

They have nurtured some of music’s most iconic artists and produced some of the most influential recordings of all time. Today, Sony work in more than 60 countries, supporting a diverse roster of international superstars, developing and independent artists, and visionary creators. From their position at the intersection of music, entertainment, and technology, Sony brings imagination and expertise to the newest products and platforms, embrace new business models, employ breakthrough tools, and provide powerful insights that help our artists push creative boundaries and reach new audiences. In everything they do, So is committed to artistic integrity, transparency, and entrepreneurship. Sony Music Entertainment is a member of the Sony family of global companies.

Our Challenge

The Agera Group was tasked to kit out the brand new main boardroom in the Sony Music group building.

Strategy & approach

Sony’s main boardroom is equipped with an 11.2 Channel surround system with quality in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The system is fully capable of playing back Auro3D and Atmos Surround codecs.

This also allows for intelligent up-mixing capabilities to enable a stereo file to be played back in Auro3D and Atmos surround through means of 7.2.4 encoding.

In the same sense, this will allow down-mixing capabilities when surround files decode into stereo format.

The sound system was calibrated through means of using both passion and tech, as a musical ear served a strong baseline, and SMAART software shaping the finest details of the sound, to provide the rich quality sound all variety of genres would require.

The equipment includes:

  • The Marantz AV7705 11.2 Surround Sound Processor and the necessary amplifiers.
  • B&W CWM 8,3D In-Wall, B&W CWM 8,5 front high, and B&W CCM682 In-Ceiling speakers.
  • 2 B&W ISW-4 In-Ceiling Subwoofers installed with B&W amplifiers.

The artist or client would be able to playback the file from either a laptop or phone through means of HDMI, Spotify, Bluetooth, and all music streaming services running on HEOS.

The boardroom also allows for Teams conference meetings: Were a UVC800 Yealink system installed at Sony Music allows for team meetings with clients all over the world.

  • The meetings can be controlled through means of a Yealink touch panel with an additional microphone and camera controls.
  • During the conference call, the meeting attendees will also have full control over the sound system through means of a Crestron touch panel.

The solution was divided into three main parts:

    • Video and video conferencing
    • Audio
    • Control