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Home Cinema

AudioNote creates jaw-dropping home cinemas that rival any Cine Prestige.  From an empty shell, we create cinema magic by incorporating immersive high-resolution audio and 4K video. Imagine enormous screens and gorgeous projectors, best-in-class home theatre systems, all topped off with customized lighting to create a complete Cinematic experience.

Home Cinema Automation

Control your entire cinema experience with your smartphone! Cinema automation aspects include controlling your lighting, curtains, projector, screen, and the volume of your home theatre system from your phone.  Why stop there? You can control your entire home from your Cinema Room, without leaving your seat.

4k Picture Quality

The most important component of your home cinema is incredible visuals.  Along with your already amazing audio, a 4k projector paired with one of the world’s best projector screens will create a home cinema experience second to none.

Acoustic Treatments

Getting the acoustics in your room right is very important. Acoustics are the qualities of a room that determine how sound is transmitted in it. At Sound experience, we create custom acoustic treatments for cinema rooms to deliver the best sound possible.

Get your cinema set up by our awesome team to ensure you get the most out of your home cinema.


Multiroom Audio

Multiroom sound systems can deliver music and audio to many rooms around the home from a centralised point. Everyone in the family can enjoy their audio independently in their own space. There’s something for everyone in the family! You can have a radio playing in the kitchen while watching DSTV in the bedroom and streaming from your phone to your entertainment area.

Multiroom audio systems enable you to play audio from multiple sources in designated areas of your home. In essence, these systems will allow users the freedom to stream music from a variety of music and audio platforms throughout the home, or in one specific room, all through one easy to use interface.

These systems are controlled off your home network via a Smartphone or Tablet – creating a soundtrack for everyday life.


HD Distribution & DSTV

Receive high-quality HD content on all your TVs from one central location (using your HD devices such as Bluray players, Media Players, Apple TV, Netflix, or DSTv). Watch your favorite TV shows, sports games, and movies in outstanding HD quality.

HD Distribution enables you to view the same picture throughout your home without any quality loss.  AudioNote the same picture quality in your lounge as your lapa.   HD Distribution means you will enjoy the same beautiful picture in every room in your home. Our DSTV installers can assist with DSTv Explora units, DSTv extra view, HD decoders, and all other DStv accessories and smart LNB’s. We have various DSTV kit options available that include installation to cater to your individual needs and create a decoder setup of your choice.


Acoustic Design

Our Signature Hospitality Solutions are built to create unique guest experiences. All solutions work for both retrofit and new construction hotels. Enhance your hotel’s operational efficiency, while giving your guests the very best hospitality has to offer.

Through our Smart Hospitality Interface (whether it’s a remote, touch screen or a keypad)  guests can control TV, and music.


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