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AudioNote creates jaw-dropping home cinemas that rival any Cine Prestige.  From an empty shell, we create cinema magic by incorporating immersive high-resolution audio and 4K video. Imagine enormous screens and gorgeous projectors, best-in-class home theatre systems, all topped off with customized lighting to create a complete Cinematic experience.

Home Cinema Automation

Control your entire cinema experience with your smartphone! Cinema automation aspects include controlling your lighting, curtains, projector, screen, and the volume of your home theatre system from your phone.  Why stop there? You can control your entire home from your Cinema Room, without leaving your seat.

4k Picture Quality

The most important component of your home cinema is incredible visuals.  Along with your already amazing audio, a 4k projector paired with one of the world’s best projector screens will create a home cinema experience second to none.

Acoustic Treatments

Getting the acoustics in your room right is very important. Acoustics are the qualities of a room that determine how sound is transmitted in it. At Sound experience, we create custom acoustic treatments for cinema rooms to deliver the best sound possible.

Get your cinema set up by our awesome team to ensure you get the most out of your home cinema.