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Home cinema Home Cinema

Enjoy the adventure of Hollywood in the comfort of your own home! Let us design a custom home cinema in a room in your home or office. Immerse yourself in the movie experience with luxury seating, acoustic wall treatments and premium surround sound audio and visual pleasure.

Multi-room Audio

Do you want to have clear sound in all rooms of your home or office space? With the installation of multi-room audio, this can be a reality. You can broadcast music or audio independently in each room or the same audio in all rooms. Managed by a central controller.

HD Distribution HD Distribution

Wouldn’t you rather watch a movie or video in high-definition (HD) rather than standard-definition (SD)? HD distribution allows high-quality video and sound to be distributed to your HD TVs. With HD distribution you ensure the quality of your AV signal is not degraded from your Blu-ray player, CCTV camera or laptop.

Integrated Security Integrated Security

The safety of your home and office is vital. With the use of CCTV and IP cameras, there’s always a watchful eye on the things that are important to you. You can control your security from wherever you are and rest assured your assets are secure.

Business Solutions

We provide your business with cutting-edge audio-visual installations to suit a small or large office environment. We are leaders in the industry and ready to set up superior AV for you.

Managed WiFi

Provide reliable Wi-Fi access for employees, clients or for your home. Our Wi-Fi management system will allow you to control access, bandwidth allocation and security for all users. Provide a constant connection for those important to you!

Laser Projection

We specialise in cutting-edge technology including laser projection. Bring the wonders of augmented reality into your home, without the need for a bulky headset. Blend the virtual and real world in your business or home environment by beaming images or animation onto any surface!

Stages & Clubs

We provide all your AV needs for the club or stage including PA systems, mixing desks and amplifiers to ensure your audience get the best quality sound.

Home Automation Automation

Run your home or office remotely! Control lighting, entertainment systems, temperature, security systems and curtains all with the touch of button. We offer basic solutions such as switching on lights from a control, to a more advanced and customised solution to suit your home or office needs.

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