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Audionote have designed and installed some of the most iconic displays in southern Africa and offer a complete range of high-quality networked LED and LCD video solutions for multiple indoor and outdoor professional AV applications.  These applications include corporate communications within company campuses, command and control centres, large screen displays in sports arenas, broadcast studios, houses of worship, giant outdoor branding media or digital advertising and targeted communications in retail and other high-impact locations.

Audionote offer turnkey installation of our LED and LCD solutions.

Our 3 primary LED platforms for digital out of home applications are available in various pixel pitches and include a premium product line offering unprecedented image quality, a mid-range series dedicated to 24/7 operation for branding and advertising applications – where total cost of ownership is key – and a cost-effective range of that doesn’t compromising on performance and reliability.

Our experts will help you identify the correct solution for your application ensuring that your message is communicated with confidence and maximum impact.