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Corporate Solutions

Audio Systems

               Public Announcement Systems

Used in office buildings, industrial or retail spaces to communicate with staff members. Daily announcements, emergency notifications can be made or background music can be played through the announcement system.

               White Noise

White noise speakers are effective in the workplace, especially call centers and open-plan offices. The white noise creates an artificial level of background noise mask out daily distracting office sounds, allowing employees to focus.

Video Conferencing

In today’s business settings with global reach, businesses require employees to work beyond the confines of a boardroom and collaborate across the globe. Thanks to technology and the internet, professional interaction can take place using video conferencing, saving time and travel expenses.

Boardroom Solutions

Each boardroom requires different audio visual systems. Audio Note will design and implement the best solution for your company’s needs, ranging from wall mounted TV screens to ceiling mounted projectors. We will incorporate automation into your boardrooms to give you complete control of all your audio visual equipment.

Auditorium Technology

It is essential for any business to have quality audio and visual systems in their auditorium, or conference room. At Audio Note we design a turnkey auditorium solution for any space, using state of the art technology.

Microphone Systems

Most events, presentations or conferences require clear sound from a microphone. Audio Note provides a wide range of the most reliable, state-of-the-art microphone systems that are easy to use and integrate with any setting and event.